Luoyang Houshantang(后山堂) Art Space, 2017-now

Address: 110, Sheng Long You Yi Cheng, Jianxi District, Luoyang. Henan province, China

Curatorial Experiences

2014-now. Curatorial Assistant and Curator

From Nature to Mind-Chinese Contemporary Art Exhibition(2016, Beijing)

Address: Today Art Museum

Exhibitor70+ Chinese famous artist

Number of works: 270+


Public Art International Exhibiton by ToMASTER

(2017, Shanghai)

Address: ToMASTER Shanghai

Exhibitor: 30+ international artists

Stage of Paper- 2rd. International Performing Arts Poster Design Exhibition(2015, Beijing)

Address: National Centre for the Performing Arts

Exhibitor: 15 international graphic design masters(Gunter Ram bow…)

Number of works: 150+


2xGuan Contemporary Art Space 双谷岸当代艺术空间, 2020-now

Adress: First floor, south side of Xiangshan Leju Hotel, Tianxin Cultural Industrial Park, Laocheng District, Luoyang, Henan, China