Black suitcase

Jialin Guan关佳琳



在展览入口放置许多装满不同重物的行李箱,每个入场的观众都必须要求拉着一个行李箱进去观展,直到离开展厅There are many suitcases filled with different weights at the entrance of the exhibition. Every audience must ask for a suitcase to go into the exhibition until they leave the exhibition hall.


梦境中,我在地平线以下。熙攘人群拖拽着巨大的黑色行李箱浮于我的上方,又将沉重的转轮嵌进地表。它们与砂砾岩石不断摩擦接连制造出异乎寻常的空旷噪音,在梦中甚为沉闷。多次,我以为他们远去,但噪音却越来越近……In my dream, I am below the horizon. The crowds dragged huge black suitcases above me and embedded heavy wheels into the ground. They are constantly rubbing together with gravel and creating unusual noise, which is dreary in dreams. Many times, I thought they were gone, but the noise was getting closer and closer...

《黑色行李箱》概念产生于此,意在关注人生负重并探寻人性希望被压制的奇诡质感。在社会人的意识形态下,我们越来越多占有“需求”本身,部分需求无用且制约,他们被“揽收”只因它们越来越多地存在。行李箱,被视作安全包裹,可以承载我们的尾随,我们的生活财产。一面,它带来规整与便捷,总是在人们出行时与人手相连;另一面,当需要搬动它、抬起它的时候,人们开始对它注入疲惫。当你望向它,已然觉得压抑,这种负面来自于一种更广的时间和空间维度。The concept of Black Suitcase came into being here, aiming at paying attention to the burden of life and exploring the strange quality of human hope being suppressed. Under the ideology of the social people, we have more and more possession of the "demand" itself. Some of the needs are useless and constrained. They are "collected" only because they exist more and more. Suitcase, as a security package, can carry our trailer, our life and property. On the one hand, it brings neatness and convenience, always connected with people's hands when they travel; on the other hand, when it needs to be moved and lifted, people begin to inject fatigue into it. When you look at it, you already feel depressed. This negativity comes from a broader dimension of time and space.

为此《黑箱》作为展览的依附性艺术行为便顺理成章。人们在观展的同时,眼神,气息,步伐等身体行为被同样置于艺术考量之中。观展者拖拽行李箱去完成参观路径,这期间行李箱或许会被打开,被置入物品,但他们很少会被丢弃。Therefore, the Black Suitcase as a dependent art behaviour of the exhibition is logical. At the same time, people's eyes, breath, pace and other physical behaviour are also placed in artistic consideration. Visitors drag their suitcases to complete the tour route, during which time the suitcases may be opened and placed, but they are seldom discarded.

我们都在负重前行,只因他人如此。We're all carrying a load, just because of others.