Slight over敷衍

Jialin Guan关佳琳



"Our ultimate goal is to get the job done and paid, not to come up with a perfect solution."



"It's not about cultural or gender differences, and it's just because we're facing stifling cycles all the time."



"When you need a day to answer questions, you wonder if you're sick." 


社会性要求人们守住底线,于是“笑脸”成为了“驱赶“之前最后一层礼仪。基于此种形式的善恶交融,我用简单情景再现的形式介入到一场艺术展览之中。所有的咨询台工作人员皆为艺术现场工作人员,他们会完美再现“礼貌性地敷衍”。笑脸,问候,礼仪,敷衍,推诿,这一系列的人性变化被置入艺术考量之中。最后观展者会发现一切的询问都是徒劳无功。所有的“选择”都带有荒谬的“一致性”。Sociality requires people to stick to the bottom line, so "smiling face" becomes the last level of etiquette before "driving out". Based on the blending of good and evil in this form, I intervened in an art exhibition in the form of simple scene reproduction. All consulting desk staff are art scene staff, and they will perfectly reproduce the "polite perfunctory". Smile, greeting, etiquette, perfunctory, shuffle, this series of human nature changes are put into artistic consideration. Finally, visitors will find that all inquiries are futile. All "choices" have absurd "consistency".

在没有得到有效信息的情况下,错误的行为势必会发生。此时“工作人员”会清除脑海中所有关于敷衍回应的记忆,群体性地变身为衡量者:正式地指明询问者的错误选择,或将任何错误结果归结于询问者的“不负责”与“愚笨”。具有戏剧性的讽刺趣味由此展现。In the absence of effective information, the wrong behaviour is bound to occur. At this point, "staff" will clear all the memory of perfunctory response in their minds and turn into a group of weighers: formally indicating the wrong choice of the interrogator, or attributing any wrong results to the "irresponsible" and "foolish" of the interrogator. This shows the dramatic irony.